Bollywood Summer Beach Party; Pat The Dog, Screw On The Lightbulb, Leave It At That

Bandar kya jaane adrak ka swaad.

Well, we beg to differ.

That’s right it’s a Bollywood summer beach party!

And in case you’re wondering, the phrase above loosely translates to: “those who don’t know, can’t appreciate”.

Its more direct translation is “a monkey can’t appreciate ginger”.

Well, monkeys and ignoramuses, we call upon you to disprove this phrase!

For no one more appreciates the term ‘Bollywood’ than drunk white people wearing leis.

Yes, Bar 420 is hosting a Bollywood-themed beach party with Melbourne’s best Bollywood DJs!

Catch the Bollywood fever and celebrate the arrival of summer with a Bollywood dress-up theme, free beach balls and flower leis on the night.

Just please…don’t do the accent.

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