Blow Your Demons with Serious Livestream Sessions: Duncan Eagles & Max Luthert

It’s difficult to pinpoint the type of psychological response that is warranted during a time such as this, when the confluence of seismic social and cultural events has the media screaming random non-sequiturs every two seconds like a cocaine-addled toddler.

We all know what type of response is needed on an intellectual level – acknowledgement and mobilisation – but what of the times in between? The stretches of silence in the early morning when your raging inadequacies unfurl like the claws of your adolescent boogie monster, except far worse because this one won’t kill you, but it will remind you that you’re too much of a pathetic coward to face your own mortality?

Well, for that, there’s experimental jazz.

Saxophonist Duncan Eagles joins forces with electronic artist Max Luthert to perform their brand new release Spirit Bloom, as well as some tracks from their previous release Between Suns, and an exclusive performance of their new single to be released the following day. Duncan Eagles released his debut album with USA label Ropeadope last year and this led to a UK tour, including opening for Joshua Redman at the Barbican. He joined forces with Max Luthert to create Million Square – a duo of multi-layered electronic beats and accents with jazz saxophone licks floating above.

Experimental electro-jazz.

There’s no finer soundtrack for your well-earned self-hatred and easily won impotence.

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