BIGSOUND Festival: You’re Going On An Adventure!

Don’t worry.

The only physical activity involved is getting in and out of an Uber and attempting to figure out when it’s appropriate to headbang and when it’s appropriate to shoegaze during an extended set of songs that are indistinguishable from each other.

Also, you won’t come out of this a more psychologically well-rounded being with new, more complex insights (figuring out precisely how watered down an eight dollar glass of whisky is does not count).

You see, this adventure involves the discovery of the future of Australian music. Hence, it’s best you don’t involve too much brain power if you’re going to derive any joy from it.

Yes, the BIGSOUND Festival is back for it’s eighteenth year.

Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley will come alive with a global gathering of musicians, industry, brands, media and music lovers. Acts on the lineup for 2019 include Dulcie, Approachable Members of Your Local Community, Tones And I, Japanese Wallpaper, Adelaide’s TOWNS, Ballarat’s Nancie Schipper, heavy-hitters Bakers Eddy, imbi the girl, These New South Wales, Adrian Eagle and many, many more (totalling 150 live acts).

All of the acts will play over four nights across 18 stages, in a choose-your-own-adventure discovery moment to remember.

And, for the first time, BIGSOUND will be opening the Artist Village, creating a space for performing artists to relax and network.

So, open your mind and come with no expectations.

Then leave.

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