Befriend The Past with Emilie Nicolas

Revisiting a past version of yourself can be a comforting thing.

Of course, there’s a sense of loss for the type of naivety to which you once had access, but then again that type of naivety is why there’s still a shadow of a My Chemical Romance poster on your wall and a hole in your roof from when you discovered the structural integrity of your sh***y apartment’s ceiling would not support the full weight of a suicidal 19-year-old with a stomach full of Home Brand mi goreng.

There’s nothing like the sense of superiority you gain from realising how much you’ve grown as a human being when you’re able to process your past pain from a distance.

But it’s important not to distance yourself from who you were too much, because that insufficiently deodorised moussed moron is an important tract in your psyche and will inevitably rear its spiky head again when you’re at your most vulnerable. Or a couple of hours every day if you’re an alcoholic. So you’ll have to learn to embrace the past, rather than separate yourself from it, no matter how perverse the final product is. And if you need a lesson in how to do that, take a hit of Emilie Nicolas.

Norwegian electro artist Emilie Nicolas will deliver an exclusive set from her home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions. Renowned for her unusual vocal style – inspired by jazz vocalists like Billie Holiday – and inimitable electro-pop sound, Emilie shot to domestic fame in 2013 with her debut single, Pstereo, and topped the Norwegian album charts the following year with her first album, Like I’m a Warrior. She will be performing an intimate set as part of the Royal Albert’s season of at-home gigs.

A 33-year-old Norwegian classic jazz electro-pop artist singing ‘Who’s Gonna Love You?’.

Look, we never said embracing the past would result in something logical. But at least you won’t find yourself as a 35-year-old at a bar at 2am weeping and screaming the lyrics to ‘Teenagers’.

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