Avoid a New Hell at Coastal Jam

It appears that the apocalyptic horror we faced during the summer months has abated.

We’re no longer waking up to red skies full of ash and making wishes on the floating charred remains of gum leaves instead of dandelion weeds.

The month of March has arrived and we have our dandelions and rainbows back, back-dropping the image of a pile of fresh corpses littering a post-pandemic anarchic hellscape. It’s been out of the frying pan, into the fire, into the bathtub full of unidentifiable viscous human bodily fluids.

…Speaking of viscous human bodily fluids, why not take a break from your fatalist worries at Coastal Jam?

It’s back for 2020!

Enjoy sun, sips and salacious sounds surrounded by 270 degrees of panoramic ocean views, at the stunning Pier Geelong with a pop-up clothes market and live street art, featuring Motez, Torren Foot, Project Pablo and Spacey Space as headliners.

Life is a slow progression from one hell to another, but dropping a little MDMA in the bureaucratic queue between hells and getting mutually handsy with the people in line helps dull the pain.



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