Australian International Music Festival (sic)

Don’t be fooled by the title.

Titles can be misleading.

‘Hamlet’ is a title.

But Hamlet as performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company is vastly different to Hamlet as performed by your sister’s kid’s year three class.

Consider this event in the realm of the second thing.

Yes, The Australian International Music Festival is returning to Sydney, bringing together talented young musicians, singers and dancers from around the globe for this much loved festival, which attracts all types of music, but in particular Wind Bands, Orchestras, Choirs and Jazz Bands.

This is an educational experience aimed at providing young people with incredible performance opportunities at iconic Sydney venues as well as educational workshops with world-class clinicians at the Conservatorium of Music.

It’s not only an educational experience aimed at young people.

It’s also an educational experience for the unwitting older people that may have bought a seat to this event without realising it’s not a ‘music festival’ (with all the implications that the title carries), but rather an extended school recital.

Applaud hard.

At this age, their egos are more fragile than you could possibly imagine.

There’s a very fine line between budding bassoonist and homicidal maniac.

And this world doesn’t need any more bassoonists.

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