Appreciate What You Have with Major Lazer

Finding a comfortable rhythm in which to live involves no small amount of trial and error.

You have to incorporate things like money and relationships, or the complete lack-thereof, and pick precisely the right way to poison yourself to make the slow march towards death that much faster and more fun. And then of course there are those phases you go through involving vegetables and a bearded white man telling you how to salute the sun, which are necessary in order for you to learn to live a good life as far away as possible from any place that sells yoga pants or protein balls.

There is no such thing as a truly disordered life. Humans are habitual. It’s important to lean into the concept that you’ll eventually live by your own predictable rhythm, so you can hone it to the point at which it becomes near perfect, or else you’ll end up with something like Major Lazer.

Yes, Major Lazer will revive their world tour with a virtual reality performance in Facebook’s Oculus Venues platform, put on with the help of virtual events production company Supersphere using its newest technology, ArcRunner. The trio made up of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Ape Drums recently released their fourth studio album, Music Is the Weapon.

Sure, you may end up as boring an adult as you always feared. You may even end up knowing the names of the people at your local Aldi who, after three years, know to unlock the hard liquor case when they see you approach the counter at eight in the morning.

But it’s your rhythm, your own carved out piece of reality the joys of which are as guaranteed as the tedium…and not once in your reality has any adult in your proximity shouted the phrase, “bangin on that ass like orangutan”. And that is a beautiful thing.

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