An Evening with Hillary Rodham Clinton

It is difficult to describe this one.

Though it’s not difficult to understand the frenzy behind the sold-out tickets.

It is a matter of intense curiosity and, for most, an attempt to try to help unpack the insanity of the recent political climate in America.

While it is certainly not, as many reviewers have stated, a waste of money – hell we would part with double the price of a ticket to an event that would contribute to an explanation, or even some kind of solid footing in this horrifying state in which we find ourselves – it is perhaps a more worthwhile task to soberly read the reactions to the announced event and realise that blind judgement is not the wisest response.

Clinton is clearly servicing a need with her tour ‘An Evening With Hillary Clinton’, about which she states In the past, for reasons I try to explain, I’ve often felt I had to be careful in public, like I was up on a wire without a net. Now I’m letting my guard down”. However, perhaps it is the need itself which requires greater reflection. There is no doubt that a ticket to this event would provide the personal insight of a political old hat into entrenched biases, however, those who are seeking new revelations about a corrupt system would already be aware, and perhaps more informed of, the prejudices that exist in one of the loudest and most brazen powers of the contemporary world.

It is common knowledge that the US is in the tiny chubby hands of a known and stupid evil controlled by an intelligent and even balder evil. However, it is doubtful that this event will provide the salvation ticket-buyers are hoping for.

It may seem like a step in the right direction to buy a ticket to this event, however, it is not an affective act within itself. It is not enough to salve your conscience with a ticket you can scrapbook and an audience that is already on your side (bar the people who may have come just to throw rotten eggs).

A ticket might buy you a night to quiet your conscience, but sustained reflection is highly recommended.

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