Alternative Stimulation with Square Garden

It’s difficult to articulate the general feeling currently in the air.

That could be because we haven’t smelt fresh air in a long time, but it’s more likely due to the fact that the majority of people who are currently living have not experienced a situation like this before.

Now that the initial panic is over, supermarket shelves are looking less like a representation of humanity’s unceasing, unempathetic drive for self-preservation, and people are less focused on their anuses, a general mood has settled in the air. A collective mood that is probably most well-defined by its lack of definition. It’s just…limbo.

We know the free-fall is coming, in which we will be both free and economically f****d, but for now all we can do is come up with ways to pass the time and try not to eat each other.

There are only so many classic shows and films to binge before we, as humans, start craving stimulation with a little more immediacy and real-time interaction, and, whether or not you consciously acknowledge it, the spark of disdain in the limpid eyes of the five hundredth live porn artist does take its emotional toll on your psyche. So perhaps, for a few hours, take your hands out of your pants and experience Square Garden.

Yes, 100 gecs is hosting a virtual interactive festival experience: Square Garden. The festival will take place in a unique Minecraft world and feature artists like Charli XCX, Dorian Electra, Kero Kero Bonito, Cashmere Cat, Benny Blanco, Tommy Cash and more. The festivities will take place on with all donations set to benefit Feeding America.

Given the lineup, we can’t promise you’ll enjoy it. But this isn’t about enjoyment.

This is about anyone, anywhere outside of your stale cocoon acknowledging that you exist beyond your capacity to pay them fifty dollars a minute to dress up like a dog in a gimp mask and softly repeat the phrase “mummy loves you”.

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