Admit Nothing with Sam Smith

Far too often denial is considered a bad thing.

But denial is a necessary coping mechanism, to which we’re all prone to some degree. It’s one of the main reasons why the therapy industry is basically invulnerable. Sure, there may be the odd person with real problems, for example, their collection of human noses has started to ferment in the humidity, but it’s the everyday person on the street with a dead-end job, a boring marriage and a perfectly acceptable case of alcoholism that is the meat of the therapy industry.

No matter what your life situation is, you will always be denying some kind of truth; your own fragile mortality, the fact that you have to expel faeces then put on a suit and walk around like it’s completely normal, the fact that you’re getting increasingly turned on by the kettle, or the fact that pop music is a vortex of grating mediocrity and yet somehow pervades almost every aspect of the media you consume.

Denial is one of the greatest evolutionary traits mankind been able to hone; pay tribute to it with the pinnacle of grating mediocrity: Sam Smith.

Sam Smith will be streaming live from Abbey Road Studio’s to celebrate the release of their upcoming album, Love Goes. Smith will be performing old hits as well as new tunes, and doing a Q&A with fans. There will also be special guest performances.

A callous, talentless, chunk of milquetoast ham has gained a net worth of $40 million by crafting 10 albums worth of songs containing lyrics Hanson would find a bit broad. Sam Smith will be worth more to the world than you ever will be.

But you’re not going to die, the automatic bathroom air freshener is full, you can’t violate a kettle you legally own in any prosecutable way and if you drink enough gin ‘Latch’ almost doesn’t make you want to drive a railroad spike through your brain.

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