Adjust Your Halo and Walk Off The Earth

There’s a lot of hyperbolic talk about wanting to abandon the earth.

The wish for the ability to shoot oneself into space far away from the deniers, the prejudiced, the morally bankrupt, the environmental horror and the Franco brothers has never been more of a popular desire.

Perhaps it’s because fame whores like Elon Musk have perpetuated the notion that very soon that might actually be possible, perhaps it’s because expressing a wish like that out loud in company means that the one expressing the wish automatically becomes the unwilling participant in all of humanity’s corruption. The rebel. The innocent.

Well, these unwilling innocents need a soundtrack to accompany their loud narrative of Instragrammable rebellion.

Enter: Walk Off The Earth. They’re on tour.

Yes, following a sold out 2017 tour, Canadian indie pop band Walk off the Earth are set to return to Australia in January 2020 for another string of spectacular performances.

After their brilliant 5-people-playing-one-guitar interpretation of Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know” exploded on YouTube, the band has gone on to take the world by storm, selling out venues across the globe and collaborating with some of the biggest names in music.

American singer-songwriter MAX will support Walk off the Earth in Sydney and Brisbane.

A ukulele, a theramin and a canon so milquetoast, it’s impossible to demonise the band behind it or their legion of followers.

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