A Warm Sense of Familiarity with Cold Waves

Recognising something as ironic has not been necessary since the tenth exegesis of the sociopolitical and artistic construct of Beavis and Butthead was published.

Irony is something that has since existed as a perpetual psychological undercurrent in the human brain, reminding us to not be too happy about our potential achievements nor to be genuinely saddened or angered by the horrors of which we are made aware on a daily basis in any way that might ignite some kind of deeply buried dormant proactivity. It allows us to function in a necessary haze, which, in a satisfying sense, is the only inherent truth of Beavis and Butthead.

So with that in your smoky brain, we present to you this virtual incarnation of an Industrial Music Festival.

Yes, the Industrial music festival Cold Waves is going virtual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The event will feature live presentations from Meat Beat Manifesto, Cyanotic and more; rare footage of performances from Front Line Assembly, OHGR, 16 Volt and others; classic industrial music videos; and much more.

Industrial music for industrial people with all the grit and aggressive, anti-fascist, independent, growly hybridity to stir up the rebel within; as presented to you via the smooth, worry-free platform of Twitch, a subsidiary of Amazon.



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