A Gritty Pretty Colour Experience With Chanel! Batten Down The Hatches.

‘Gritty’ and ‘Pretty’. In no other manner has the complex Nazi-affiliated legacy of Chanel been better described.

But we still prize Fanta and Volkswagens.

Because they make us look good, they taste good and they make us feel like we’re not having a midlife crisis, respectively.

So, all you fashionistas-cum-Chanel enthusiasts, this one’s for you.

This exclusive and experiential beauty event will include interactive moments for you to try Chanel makeup and fragrance.

Discover luxury cosmetics and how to wear them whilst enjoying French champagne, Australian wine and delicious treats.

This is the Chanel event of a lifetime.

Just be thankful your lifetime didn’t include World War II.

Though…we’re not holding out hope that there won’t be a third.

And we’re not sure Nazis won’t be involved.



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