A Coup Before The Coup at Red Hot Summer Tour 2020

These days we’re all looking for avenues of comfort.

And although it was fun fearing 2020 in 2019 in the way that it’s fun watching Stephen King’s The Shining, now it’s 2020 and it’s scary in a not-fun way like watching a mentally ill Shelley Duvall being exploited for ratings by a giant bald Texan millionaire.

In times such as these, we tend to turn to the arts for solace. Music, film, television and live performance are all things that stoke sections of our brain that are not purely ruled by intellect, but are responsible for the indefinable visceral experience.

It is not possible to fully block out reality on a permanent basis unless you’re rich enough to afford a healthy cycle of cocaine, alcohol and hallucinogenics, but those small affordable sections of time filled with the arts can be therapeutic to an anxiety-riddled mind.

The louder and more sensorially invasive, the better.

Presenting: Red Hot Summer Tour 2020.

The Red Hot Summer Tour celebrates 10 years of Red Hot Rock in 2020 and in true style, organisers have put together an incredible all Australian line-up for a massive series of dates.

In an incredible coup for music-fans, ARIA Hall of Fame inductees Hunters & Collectors are reuniting to headline the 2020 tour, bringing with them special guests James Reyne, The Living End, The Angels, Baby Animals, Killing Heidi and Boom Crash Opera.

Drown out that part of your mind ruled by rationality that’s stuck in a permanent drawn-out scream of terror with the semi-permanent drawn-out screams of some of Australia’s greatest pop and rock legends.



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