5SOS’s Coming Home.

From Christians to Chris Brown cover band, in five fame seconds these kids have exploded in the world of pop music and executively violated the label of ‘punk’. In May of 2018, 5 Seconds of Summer is returning to Australia (their home base). 5SOS told fans, “Finally… It’s been 3 years since our last album and we are so ready to share new music with the world. After spending the last 5 years on the road since the age of 16, it was important we took time to reflect as individuals and now we’re coming back stronger and more unified than ever. These songs mean the world to us and we have held nothing back in writing and recording this album. We’ve been rehearsing a lot of the new songs live and can’t wait to get back out on tour to connect with our incredible fans.” You need not question the possibility of being quickly enslaved by infinitely superior artificial superintelligence, because if ever there were proof that society is dually progressing and regressing at an exponential rate, it’s the rise of 5SOS.

Sounds good, feels good.

If you’d like to hear them sing a song, they will sing it for you.

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