12 Days of Christmas in July: Oak Matured

We’ve always felt that of the many gaping maggoty rot-infested holes that riddle US traditions, the notion of Christmas has been the least unappealing.

So, as is our nature, we’re going to engage in an act of respectful but violent appropriation.

Come and see.

Well, it’s over five days down but it is the quasi-Christmas season. And if there’s one sure thing about religion, it’s that nothing beats a seat-of-the-pants free-food-and-liquor based temporary conversion.

Over seven nights, The Oak will be counting down the days of Christmas to the holy Friday eve.

Starting with Sunday Goose done two ways – roasted and grey, Monday’s pineapple passion donuts, Tuesdays beery Stella Artois tree, Wednesday’s tipple and taco times, Thursday’s 5 course degustation and finally Friday.

…the biggest party in the East.



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