1, 2, 3 Take My Hand And Come With Me

Because we’re going to watch a rebirth.

The vault is spreading its legs wide once again after fifteen long years of being knock kneed and stagnant to squeeze out the second coming.

Who’s coming?

Does it really matter anymore?

Awash with echoing memories of Renault Capturs and spunky silhouettes dancing with pre-2008-gen iPods, Jet is returning after 15 years with a tour as ferocious as their refusal to maintain quiet day-jobs.

It’s the 15th Anniversary of Jet’s ‘Get Born’ and they are celebrating with a tour that kicks off in Newcastle at the end of May and tours throughout Australia.

They don’t need no money.

This is purely for the fans, honey.


Are you gonna buy their previously unreleased live material?

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