Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 15/12/2019

Season’s greetings. The vultures are circling.


10) WeLove #231 with Antonio Pica

20th December

What: Antonio Pica is a Neapolitan DJ and the owner of the Concept Dirty Club. He entered the world of music at an early age. His way of interpreting the music is strongly subjective; at the base of his productions and his performances on the stage there is his vigorous personality, combined with a deep respect for the music’s past and for the artists that have shaped the history of the global club culture. Experience him live.

Why: You know generic club music is good when it’s described as “strongly subjective”.


9) Sauti Systems Night 11

20th December

What: Sauti is a blend of worldly sonic content, creating an aesthetic that allows kids across Sydney to align with sounds through another perspective, whether that involves their diaspora roots or musical interest. This party incorporates sounds from UK garage, Rap, Hip-hop, Drill, Afrobeats, House, Grime as well as R&B.

Why: A method of aligning kids across Sydney that doesn’t involve crushing debt or alienation from the housing market that is just as invasive and unpleasant.


8) Moodymusic #3

21st December

What: Moodymusic is excited to invite you to its first club night event at The Burdekin Hotel! A night that will take you through all spectrums of melodic music. Featuring some of Sydney’s biggest names, be prepared to go on a mind-twisting journey from start to finish. Featuring: Drmood, Lylac, Jermaine Jones, Tristan Case and Wild Fox.

Why: Moody’s certainly a word for it. MDMA comedown is another.


7) IBIZA Classics Xmas Cruise

21st December

What: IGNiTE & MUSK Events have teamed up to present the IBIZA Classics Xmas Cruise! On-board a split level cutting-edge vessel they’ll bring you 5 hours of Ibiza House classics in the main room and on the top deck UK Garage flavours. Backed by a super solid DJ resident team, state of the art light and sound plus all of the sophistication and party vibes of the White Isle.

Why: “All of the sophistication and party vibes of the White Isle” including the requisite shipload of drunken white people.


6) Casa Peru: Ceviche & Pisco Sydney Pop Up

21st December

What: Come and experience the taste and flavours of Peru at this Pop Up event underground in the heart of Bondi Junction. A collaboration between local Pisco Importer, Don Juan Imports, Sydney Latin Life and The Junction will allow you to taste a huge range of Pisco alongside freshly made Ceviche. Friday Night then launches into Disco Cantina so the party will last all night.

Why: There’s nothing like hard liquor and raw fish to make one feel one deeply in tune with the entirety of Peruvian culture.


5) In the Groove #1 feat. Peekay

15th December

What: The first instalment of In the Groove’s summer series is here! Rooftop Sunday sesh vibes are just the beginning, with cocktails, drink specials, 7 hours of House music and a bloody day for it.

Why: Arguably the most enjoyable way to contract deadly skin cancer.


4) Volume Boat Party Pre Xmas Vol 18

21st December

What: A four hour boat party on Sydney Harbour! Enjoy access to 3 levels of partying with 400 awesome people from all over the world, a complimentary buffet, a full bar on board and the awesome sounds of RnB, Hip Hop, Old Skool House, EDM, Afrobeats, Dancehall and Reggaeton.

Why: Finally. The perfect EDM rave. One away from the mainland, where people with functioning auditory canals live.


3) Stupid SEXY Christmas: AGAIN

15th December

What: Twas approximately ten nights before Christmas, and all through the Imperial Hotel, nothing made a sound, except ETCETERA ETCETERA and SUNDAY BEST! It’s Christmas! Again! Sorry! Two maniacal maidens of Yuletide mirth will be serving up a hot hot hot offering of Christmas cheer with the return of their kweer kristmas kabaret STUPID SEXY CHRISTMAS… sorry (again). With shows throughout the night, audience games, prizes and surprises this is one meticulously masterful shindig that you can’t miss!

Why: Spend Christmas with a family that exhausts your pleasure receptors rather than the receptors that react to rampant bigotry.


2) Fur Coat Club’s First Birthday Extravaganza

21st December

What: A loop around the solar system, a drop in the ocean. A hop around the sun, it’s that time. The people are the party. It’s been one year since Fur Coat’s inception and they want to enjoy it with all of you! This ceremony represents their first birthday, and those that have been to a Fur Coat celebration know that they strive to create a safe, wacky, rave space for anyone that hears the call. On Saturday 21st December they return to the Red Rattler (who celebrate their 10th year of operations) to unite in a space that has helped so many artists and creatives in general.

Why: “The people are the party”. An EDM rave has not sounded so much like a conservative political group’s slogan pitch since the White Noise editions.


1) Sub-Kulture Vulture IV and The Nest Creative Space Market Day

20th December

What: Celebrate the end of the working year with an ARTSY afternoon kicking off at 5pm when they open their doors for an intimate insight into resident artists studios. Chat to artists and have first hand and purchase unique pieces from ceramics through to mix media paintings. At 8:30 they’ll crack open the doors to The Cave for a curation by ØFFËRÎNGŠ, unfolding an unexpected experimental playground of touch sound art. Come to the Nest Creative Space for a carefully curated programme of immersive experiences. Expect an innovative and colourful line up of artists, eccentric performers, musicians, DJ’s and party starters from some of Sydney’s most progressive sub-cultures.

Why: Engage in “ironic” consumerism then spend the rest of the night altering your brain chemistry to squash that logical part of your brain that screams “using the word ‘ironic’ before an act does not transform the act into an intelligent one”.

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