Top 10 Sydney Revelry On this week 02/12/2018

The bloom of the Jacaranda tree is dead and gone. Welcome, Sydney, to summer. Before we start, we just have to get something out of the way now. Keeping your spirits in the fridge may not be classy, but it’s bloody practical.


10) Sydney Conscious Warehouse Party

8th December

What: A temple of bass infusing multi-cultural electronic music, dynamic movement therapy, deep house yoga, human connection, modern mindfulness & ecstatic dance all brought together in one transcendental experience.

Why: Well, one last thing. It’s entirely sober. A sober rave. We have to hand it to them. They’ve already transcended the bounds of logic.


9) Triumph Motorcycles Sydney: Grand Opening Party

8th December

What: Celebrate the grand opening of Sydney’s newest motorcycle store where the classic & new converge for the ultimate motorcycle encounter. Take a test ride, check out vintage motorcycles, enjoy live art, pub grub, family fun and a keepsake bandana.

Why: Live out all your wildest fantasies of being a freewheeling James Dean-esque rebel whilst aggressively ignoring the other slightly more troubling implications of being in a modern-day motorcycle gang.


8) SOLEE with The Junction Presents #004: House & Techno

1st & 2nd December

What: Normen Flaskamp (Solee) began producing back in 1999 and in 2006, his new alias Solee propelled him to new heights in the house and techno realm. The Junction will be hosting this act for a night of hot beats.

Why: We’ll admit, we didn’t know who this guy was. But after listening to a sample, we must admit it’s the best version of a live orchestra being thrown in a shredder that’s been hooked up to a synth we’ve ever heard.


7) Way Back When: A Night of Classic Trance

7th December

What: Way Back When is a holistic evening of classic trance; in music, the DJ’s and the venue & production. It will remind you of the way trance was.

Why: Ah, yes, a reminder of the 80s. What current 18-21 year old (the current audience for trance music) doesn’t remember that glorious time?


6) Unicorns: A Pink Paradise

1st & 2nd December

What: It’s time to drench yourself in hot pink paint, slap on your peach tutu, rose tiara or flamingo suit, for a pink-themed party night of DJ House and burlesque.

Why: Baste yourself in pink goo and enter into a night of burlesque partying so drenched in the colour pink, it’ll seem like one of those dreams when your mother has violently shoved you back up into her uterus.


5) Up Late and Uncut Special Event

7th December

What: Sydney’s only vintage tease club is having their end of year bash with burlesque on stage and on your table.

Why: Because if there’s anything more tantalising than watered-down whisky and a sexy performance derived from 1820s England we haven’t heard of it.


4) Tandem Tasting Series X Brix Bar Takeover Tasting Event

6th December

What: Brix distillers will be hosting a bar takeover and exclusive rum tasting. Prepare yourself to start the night with a B&T (Brix and Tonic) followed by more tasty cocktails to introduce you to the new and exciting side of Australian Rum.

Why: Who’d’ve thought rum could get more exciting than being arrested at Coles at 6am after drunkenly attempting to use a can of deodorant and a lighter to cook a whole frozen lasagna?


3) FAB: Xmas

8th December

What: A night of live performances, loads of drag and the FAB DJs delivering all your favourite club hits.

Why: A decadent and heady way of getting all your Christmas cheer now so you’re able to take the upcoming family Christmas party of mainly watching your geriatric relatives somehow become less tolerant of other races with aplomb. Of course, you could pretend to choke on the plum pudding, army roll out of the resultant ambulance and hightail it right back to the Universal Bar.


2) Grassplot

8th December

What: A music festival with the freshest bands! Pack your own goodies for the gnarliest picnic going around, cruise the empty pool listening to tunes, work on your tan & then take a refreshing dip off the wharf in between bands.

Why: Nothing says ‘party in the summer’ like the depressing vision of a mildew-ridden drained pool.


1) The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour

7th & 8th December

What: Kevin Hart is bringing his widely successful and massively hysterical ‘The Kevin Hart Irresponsible Tour,’ to Australia in 2018 and will perform 360º in- the-round – a first for a stand-up comedy tour of this scale.

Why: Yeah. The guy responsible for such comedically genius performances as Ride Along, Get Hard and Ride Along 2 is going on the road without the aid of a distractingly exorbitant Hollywood budget. You don’t want to miss this.

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