Top 10 Melbourne Revelry On this week 27/10/2019

You’ll need to purchase ecstasy for the festivals this week. Ecstasy comes with the ticket for Dylan Moran.


10) The Soundgarden

2nd November

What: The Soundgarden brand, record label & series of worldwide outdoor events comes to Australia for the very first time In November 2019. The Soundgarden epitomizes the genre-bending spirit of their eclectic record label & worldwide events curated by head honchos and DJs Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, Guy Mantzur & more.

Why: A record label launch for 2019. So no cocaine or hookers. So pretty much pointless.


9) The Faceless Man Red Carpet Costume Premiere

31st October

What: The Red Carpet Costume premiere of feature horror Ozploitation film “The Faceless Man”. Its a costume themed event so come dressed as your favourite movie character, prizes and giveaways to the best dressed on the night.

Why: Experience the film genre that made Tarantino think he could pull off an Australian accent.


8) The Lost Lands

1st-3rd November

What: A magical experience, where families can dance, unleash their creativity and enjoy breathtaking performances together. The Lost Lands returns to Werribee Park and Mansion in 2019, with a jam-packed program of music, arts and entertainment that’s gonna keep you and your family pretty darn busy.

Why: Families? Enjoy? Together? Makes sense that a supernatural force plays a vital role.


7) Brews & Blues

2nd November

What: Blue Moon takes over Le Bon Ton for an afternoon of Brews & Blues. The Blue Moon take over features a tap take over along with live blues from The Wisecracks and a live art installation from Shawn Lu. Complimentary brews will be flowing with gourmet bites to match the Blue Moon flavours.

Why: Liquor and blues music. For some things the hard sell just works.


6) Fireball & Brown Cardigan Present: Hell-O-Ween

31st October

What: Party in Hell this upcoming Halloween, made possible by the only booze brand you’d want to party with, the legendary, Fireball Cinnamon Whisky. This won’t be the regular “brand activation” party that you’re used to. Your whole shit is about to get twisted. This is going to be way deeper and more bizarre than any Halloween party you’ve been to.

Why: It’s a pretty bold claim. Kim Kardashian’s porno was essentially a “brand activation”, and that whole schtick has pretty much twisted the world’s shit.


5) A Hitch to the Sticks Festival

1st-3rd November

What: A Hitch To The Sticks was born when Wangaratta-bred Australian rock legend/co-festival director Dallas Frasca joined forces with her business partner Renee Delahunty. The pair’s mission? To bring city and regional punters together for a celebration of live music that embraces regional history, local artists and produce, indigenous culture and unique event spaces while utilising Wangaratta’s spectacular country landscape as its backdrop.

Why: Wangaratta was once described as a “horrible town” by Nick Cave. So you know the music’s good.


4) The Sisters Of Mercy 2019 Tour

30th October

What: Led by the haunting voice and visual focus of founding band member Andrew Eldritch, The Sisters Of Mercy’s ingenious and self-proclaimed ‘supercharged industrial psychedelia’ spawned a subculture of underground rock music that gained cult status and has since been cited as a major influence by the likes of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and My Chemical Romance. In 2019 The Sisters’ fun juggernaut drives on with a little new chrome and a lot of vintage attitude.

Why: Wearing aviators in the rain at night whilst engaging in swordplay. Hey now, hey now now, the 80s were an interesting time to be alive.


3) Land of Plenty

2nd November

What: Land of Plenty is a destination festival bringing some of Australia’s hottest and upcoming artists to Shepparton for a day of live music! The festival will display a variety of music, experiences, art as well as local food and drink. Land of Plenty has something for everyone and encourages fans and music lovers of all ages to attend. The festival will also play host to a range of amazing carnival rides, food trucks, market stalls, art displays and multiple bars.

Why: Finally a festival that understands that the presence of children means multiple bars are necessary.


2) Chi Wow Wah Town

1st-4th November

What: From the dawn of time, straight to your heart, this arts and music festival is back with an expedition edition to raid your lost bark. Looking to the stars and moon for celestial guidance, they’ve recruited the spaciest of audio cadets and most cosmic of artistic creators, building an intergalactic outpost deep in the Australian bush, a lost dogs home of galactic proportions.

Why: Ah, the celestial moon. So much more inspiring than those other moons.


1) Dylan Moran: Dr Cosmos Tour

2nd, 3rd & 4th November

What: Legendary Irish comedian Dylan Moran is returning to Australia with a brand-new show Dr. Cosmos. Moran will once again offer his unique take on love, politics, misery and the everyday absurdities of life, all served with poetical panache from one of the finest comedians of his generation.

Why: Come on, you’ve already bought the ticket.

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