Top 10 Melbourne Culture On this week 13/01/2019

Take up arms, Melbourne. The adult Disney cosplayers are coming.


10) Summer Jam Revolution: The Movement

17th January

What: Guest Teachers & Industry pros Taylor Diamond Lord, Dinah Teofilo, Taryn Loughnan & Aaron Luke are coming to the Mornington Peninsula for 1 day only to teach, encourage and inspire dancers!

Why: If you’re tired of the Safety Dance, well, you deserve to go to this thing as punishment. The Safety Dance is timeless.


9) Artists of Warlukurlangu: Indigenous Art Pop-Up Exhibition

17th January

What: These paintings are a powerful tool of contemporary artistic expression, demonstrating diverse and collaborative methodology, and the artists’ ability to capture the vitality of Jukurrpa (Dreamtime) and its essential and vital integration with country.

Why: Yeah. We know. It’s a pretty dry pitch. But be honest. You’ve been wet with ignorance for too long. At least provide the illusion that you give a shit about an oppressed people.


8) A Night at Hellenic

17th January

What: A  fabulous night for our you to catch up with your local community, enjoy delicious greek food, cocktails and prosecco.

Why: Or stay home, melt some Feta over Doritos, get tanked on Aldi wine and shun the frivolity of human interaction beyond the necessary. It’s Greek, Spanish, German and Russian all in one night. You’ll practically be a diplomat.


7) Analogue Art in a Digital World: Symposium + Drinks

17th January

What: How are post-digital age artworks revealing the subtle influences that digital technology has on our perception and interpretation of the world? Join artists Chris Bond, Andrew Browne, Juan Ford, Michelle Hamer, Sam Leach, Tony Lloyd, David Ralph, and Darren Wardle from the exhibition Analogue Art in a Digital World as they explore the possibilities.

Why: What’s better than an interminable contemporary art exhibition exploring new media? Why, listening to the over-stuffed egos of the ones who created it, of course!


6) Mecha: Festival of Experimental Art

19th January

What: Mecha is a new and unique arts festival showcasing the best of robotic and mechanical sculpture, performance art, sound, and video art – a home for hybrid and experimental artforms. Embracing diversity and inclusivity, everyone from all walks of life can come and experience, interact, and play in an abstract, absurd and surreal world together with us.

Why: Because if there’s anything Melbourne needs more of it’s experimental artists. Hey. At least for a time they’ll all be distracted. You might be able to get a table in a cafe without having to listen to someone’s pitch for a screenplay.


5) Discover How Gin Is Distilled

19th January

What: Ever wondered how gin is made? What is the best way to drink gin? One of Brogan’s Way’s “ginthusiasts” will host your tour through the distillery where you can get up close and personal with Brogan’s pride and joy, her bespoke Carl engineered copper still, while they take you step by step through the process of gin distilling at Brogan’s Way.

Why: To be honest, if you’ve ever wondered how gin is made and what the best way to drink it is, you’ve not been doing it right. Gin is made of British tears. The best way to drink it is a lot.


4) The Magical Brunch & Soiree

19th January

What: A huge Disney inspired adult boozy sing a long party is coming to Melbourne! Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, there was a fairy tale soiree with an (utterly unofficial) Disney twist… the evening will play host to some of your fondest Disney inspired memories, don’t forget your glass slipper when the clock strikes 12.

Why: Nothing feeds us with more hope for the future than a bunch of full grown adults stuffed into children’s costumes drunkenly singing praises to a sweat-shop-spun diversified multinational mass media corporation.


3) So Frenchy So Chic

13th January

What: A pop-up garden celebration of France’s epic wave of talent via an influential all-female line-up and groove under the summer sky. Soak yourself in simple pleasures and forget the outside world.

Why: If there’s one thing everyone thinks of when they think of France it’s ‘boy, they have a quality music scene’. Ca plane pour moi, mes amis.


2) Electric Gardens Festival 

18th January

What: Electric Gardens returns on with an all-star line-up showcasing the very best of electronic and house music! House maestro Erick Morillo and techno legend Eats Everything will be leading the charge while Balance Series host the second room with a progressive line up to die for!

Why: Funny. We always assumed the name electric gardens was a name of some war atrocity. Turns out it’s much worse.



13th January

What: The epic one-day, one-stage music festival returns  featuring Nicki Minaj, Rae Sremmurd, Mura Masa, Kali Uchis, San Holo, Anna Lunoe, Sophie, Cosha, Carmouflage Rose, Just a Gent and Mimi.

Why: We’ve been reliably in formed that this is a big thing. To which we took offence. We know that this festival of the loud and mediocre is a big thing. In the same way a hair salon being set on fire after grooming a convention of craft beer enthusiasts would be a big thing.

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