Top 10 Brisbane Culture On this week 14/03/2021

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10) ‘Shared Thread’ Photo Exhibition

20th March

What: Imogen O’Doyle and Rachel Choi are proud to present the second edition of Shared Thread: A conversation in photographs. In the midst of the tumultuous times of 2020, the two artists began sharing photographs with each other as a way of nurturing connection and keeping inspired. Rae started with a photo and then Imo responded with one of hers and they went back and forth in this way. They are thrilled to be holding this special one-night only exhibition featuring live music by Full Flower Moon Band.

Why: Instagram, but they charge you upfront instead of selling your information to third parties.’Shared-Thread’-Photo-Exhibition/feb063b0-82e0-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


9) Dan Ford Quintet

18th March

What: Saxophonist Dan Ford leads a quintet featuring some of Brisbane’s finest musicians for the launch of his new album, “Across the Wide Bay”. Inspired by the natural beauty of Fraser Island, the album is a collection of original compositions set to swing and modern grooves.

Why: Catch it before the tourism campaign.


8) Lord Mayor’s City Hall Concerts: Danika and Forte

16th March

What: Brisbane City Councils, The QUBE Effect winners ‘Forte and Danika’ will delight you with their original music and popular classics. These multi-instrumentalists will delight you with vocals, harp, violin and piano. Be transported to another time and another place.

Why: Generic fancy-smart-people music.’s-City-Hall-Concerts:-Danika-and-Forte/b0a23e00-82e0-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


7) Anna Grinberg, Adam Chalabi, and Patrick Murphy: Live

18th March

What: Incredible artists Adam Chalabi (violin), Patrick Murphy (cello), Anna Grinberg (piano) present classical works.

Why: Slightly less generic fancy-smart-people music.


6) The Grizzlies: Brisbane Premiere

15th March

What: Experience both the unique wonder of the Arctic and a beautifully crafted film, with The Grizzlies. Having received overwhelmingly positive reviews from audiences and critics alike, The Grizzlies brings us to one of the most untouched regions of the world. This compelling true story will leave you cheering, and keep you thinking long after the credits roll.

Why: Because movie popcorn just tastes better.


5) Clayton Blake: Within

19th March

What: Join internationally acclaimed installation artist Clayton Blake celebrate the launch of his “within” exhibition at the Judith Wright Arts Centre (Brisbane). A moving collaboration involving the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service. Come and meet incredible women, and hear their inspiring stories.

Why: We’d make a joke about this…but…we don’t want to say the wrong thing and…fall down the stairs again.


4) Jazz House

14th March

What: After giving rise to the best live jazz experience Brisbane has to offer with Jazz is Dead!, Black Bear Lodge is expanding your sonic horizons. Chase your dose of live jazz with a healthy portion of house and world music, delivered by some of Brisbane’s best musicians. All improvised. Simmer into your week right.

Why: Follow “what the hell was that?” with “please, make it stop”.


3) Murphy’s Pigs: Live

20th March

What: Throw caution to the wind and set forth on a musical journey through the lands of the Celts as Murphy’s Pigs drag you headfirst into their world of rugged mountains, stormy oceans, fearsome battles, unrequited love and a drop or two of the whiskey. Their unrehearsed style breathes new life into old favourites and firmly places their unique stamp on contemporary treasures…and some not-too-shabby stuff they’ve written themselves.  Mildly humorous onstage banter, an insane number of instruments and robust, manly voices unite to create an experience that will, unfortunately, be seared deep into your memory long after the performance is over.

Why: It’s always fun when the band is so self-deprecating we don’t have to bother.’s-Pigs:-Live/9b7e1a30-82e0-11eb-8dd8-8f4a8500c961


2) St. Patrick’s Day: Irish Murphy’s 

14th-17th March

What: Irish Murphy’s have got an unmissable line up of the best in Irish entertainment, cover bands, giveaways and ice cold pints of Guinness. With appearances from The Gathering, Qld Irish Assoc Pipe Band, Trad Station, Ramjet, Mark Butler Duo, Tales of Strangers, BERST, Tartan Shamrock, Woody Lives Here, Rob Fitchett and Locky.

Why: The one day a year when people without Irish ancestry can celebrate Irish culture without immediately indicating to everyone that they’re one half-step away from shouting “white power”!


1) Arts in the Alley

14th-20th March

What: Cavill Lane Surfers Paradise is hosting a debut arts festival and aligning with the community and celebrating local artists and performers to reconnect the fringe of the Gold Coast to the heart of the city. This creative showcase will take over the beautiful hidden laneway with a plethora of pop up art shops & exhibits, live DJs, immersive art installations and a live radio broadcast.

Why: Funny how a phrase like ‘arts in the alley’ can have a completely different meaning when sanctioned by the local council.

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