Say It Slow, Then Fast: Chi Wow Wah Town

We’ll admit it.

It took us a while to understand the play on words they were attempting to make with the title of this music festival.

Possibly because we’ve never had cause to say it out loud, most likely because the relevance of tiny dogs to this contemporary DJ-based music festival still has not been made clear.

But, hell, if we were seeking clarity concerning contemporary DJ-based music festivals, we’d question the need for their very existence before we’d question their attempts at word play.

Nevertheless, Chi Wow Wah Town does exist and they’ve not sought to restrict their word play to their title.

“From the dawn of time, straight to your heart, this arts and music festival is back with an expedition edition to raid your lost bark.

Looking to the stars and moon for celestial guidance, they’ve recruited the spaciest of audio cadets and most cosmic of artistic creators, building an intergalactic outpost deep in the Australian bush, a lost dogs home of galactic proportions.

Featured lineup: Viken Arman – Live, Serge Devant, Chaim, Butane, Just Emma – Live, Jiggler, Sven Dohse, Timboletti – Live, Dreems, Out of Sorts, Moarice, The Magic Lantern Theatre Company, Jamie Stevens vs Joe Miller, Uone, Danni B, The Oddness – Live, MOONTIDE, Brian Fantana, Luke Vecchio, Philosophia, Caly Jandro, John Baptiste, Troy Marc & Studious, Miza, Muska vs Tahl, Tezzel vs Pol, Timmus and DinoBitch.”

It seems a fault by their marketing team to associate the dog word play with space word play since that inevitably brings to mind evil Soviet scientists and a backyard’s worth of orbiting dog corpses.

But then again, it is contemporary DJ ‘doof’ music.

So we can’t definitively state that that image won’t be heavily featured in, say, DinoBitch’s canon.

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