Leave Consciousness, Return to Rio

We understand from the context of this event that ‘Rio’ refers to ‘river’.

Though…we can’t help but feel the logical association between the term ‘Rio’ and ‘political and civil catastrophe’ somewhat counteracts the vision of chill vibes they were hoping to call to mind with this one.

Then again, if you take the term as its immediate translation – ‘river’ – without knee-jerk associations to the tumultuous country of Brazil, even with a minimal amount of awareness, the logical associations include soil erosion and toxic, mutated fish-men.

It’s f***ing exhausting to be a being capable of awareness in the 21st Century.

So why not alter your awareness for a brief time at Return to Rio?

“Where all the best people, come together to dream. And all of your worries, simply float off downstream.

Dance yourself silly to some of the world’s best artists, sip on a cocktail by the pool chilling to some reggae or get your soul and funk fill at The Shack. Then recharge with a float along the river or some yoga and meditation before ending the day at the party to end all parties. Oh the fun you’ll have!

Featuring: Acid Pauli, David Scuba, DJ Luck & MC Neat, Eli & Fur, Hernan Cattaneo B2B Nick Warren, Lost Desert, Miss Melera, Mr C, Nightmares on Wax, Sebastien Leger, Super Flu and The Illustrious Blacks.”

By “alter your awareness”, we are, of course, referring to the completely legal, sober, mind-altering soundscape created by their musical lineup.

Though…in order for you to be able to aurally tolerate the legal, sober soundscape itself, you will have to take a lot of drugs.



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