It’s One Minute To Midnight And It’s Time For Snow Patrol ‘Live And Acoustic’!

Ah, the noughties.

A time when we were four minutes further away from midnight and the name ‘The Whitehouse’ didn’t symbolically reflect a dramatic surge in Neo-Nazism.

But we had our crosses to bear.

And as if sensing the ever-darkening climate, the forces that shadowed the 2000-2010 era are returning to claim their mantle.

Snow Patrol is back.

Fresh on the heels of their North American stadium tour with Ed Sheeran, and appearances at Lollapalooza Chile and Brazil , the Australian shows see Snow Patrol performing in a ‘Live and Acoustic’ mode as a 3-piece featuring singer and guitarist Gary Lightbody, Johnny McDaid on ‎Guitar, piano and vocals and Nathan Connolly also on guitar and vocals.

Performing songs live as you’ve never heard them before, the band will be playing all your favourites from classic Snow Patrol albums including ‘Run’, ‘Open Your Eyes’, and ‘Chasing Cars’.

We thought we’d long since escaped the music torture methods of Snow Patrol funnelled through the channels of mindless noughties radio jocks.

The endless loop of ‘Chasing Cars’.

The constant mind-altering dissemination of edicts like ‘forget the world’ and ‘forget what we’re told’.

But no one can ever escape.

These things will never change.

These things will never change.

These things will never change.

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