Invictus Games – You’re Inadequate, Want To Find Out How Much?

Sounds goddamn brilliant doesn’t it? You just can’t not buy the ticket, right?

Invictus. Unconquerable. Undefeated.

Okay, the guy who designed the term had tuberculosis, but, you know, he was able to romance people with his words, but we know better by now.

Now, it means the bloody army.

You know, that thing that requires absolutely no moral ambiguity created by an obsolete relic of a monarchy responsible for (they’re now aware of it now, they’re comfortable with it) the subjugation of an entire people and, you know by now, by design, a lot of a hell of an other lot of people.

But we have enough money for milk to buy groceries tomorrow.

And we have expendable people, Bruce Willis notwithstanding, to watch those who have indeed sacrificed their limb-filled lives in order to preserve each country’s safety by a lasting dictate. A dictate dictated by those sacrificing themselves for shortcake.

A shortcake comprised of milk, flour and those who did not have to give a living fuck about the common people.

So…let us watch a sports event.

Should be fun.

There’ll be popcorn.

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