Harry Styles Live on Tour.

There are those who would say that debuting with a self-titled album at such a young age is an egregious abuse of what may have been seen as a charming coming-of-age departure from a virally herpetic boy band, but, then again, there exists an overwhelming majority who would swim through a vat of active herpes to see Harry Styles perform live. At the end of April, the Brisbane Entertainment Centre sees the second coming of one of the most attractive appendages of One Direction. His debut tour in Australia sold out in under a minute. So if you were one of those unlucky fundamentalists that only caught a glimpse of the messiah’s left foot during his first foray into the mortal world, get ready for the whole severed limb to fall from the clouds and smack you in the face. You know. If you’re real quick and are willing to use your teeth.

All ages welcome, though it’s best if you’re still able to be tried as a minor. Not everyone can get to the front row. Only the real fans.

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